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MAKING FUTURES SCHOOL: Editor role, print newspaper, digital documentation

“Why convene a school for spatial practices to act now? And how to bring it into being? If the Bauhaus as a school was able to develop a striking thesis on the position of architecture and the architect in the society of the early 20th century, Making Futures School asks: how does architecture – and the architect – act in the society of the early 21st century in an accountable way?”

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MONO.KULTUR #46: Francis Kéré – Of Clay and Community

“This whirlwind of a welcome – the zeal, the readiness to adapt, the emphasis on the social – might also describe Kéré’s particularly grounded approach to architecture and life in general. The trajectory that led him from Gando, a village in his native Burkina Faso, to Germany is an extraordinary one; and yet, while not denying its importance and singularity, the architect prefers to view it as the result of luck, hard graft, and his own stubbornly-held brand of optimism.”

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HIERONYMUS JOURNAL: Issue no. 1 Mindspaces

“The Hieronymus Journal is published by the Swiss firm Hieronymus Stationers AG, a brand dedicated to the high culture of paper and writing that sees itself in comfortable symbiosis with digital media. Taking time, to communicate by hand is about giving yourself time for a different kind of communication, it is not about falling out of time but giving the mind time for thought, for ourselves, and for others.”

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ARCHIFUTURES Volume 5: Apocalypse

“We live in challenging times. There is no denying that portents pertaining to the “end of the world” are writ large all around. Yet despite the implied drama of “apocalypse”, the reality is actually far more mundane and surviving it is not about building bunkers, […]

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