MAKING FUTURES SCHOOL: Editor role, print newspaper, digital documentation

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IMG_7372Following on from my work documenting and contributing to Making Futures mobile workshops that took place in at Istanbul and Berlin in 2018, in 2019 I (re)joined the core team to work as Editor in the lead up to and during Making Futures School, which took place at Haus der Statistik, Berlin.

In this role I work closely with the rest of team on many different aspects of the School, conceived and edited the newspaper that was received by every participant and visitor at Haus der Statistik, and also coordinated and produced content for the Making Futures social media feeds during the its two week run. I also conducted a series of interviews on site, which featured in the Making Futures short film (produced by PLANE-SITE).

Extract from the “Making Futures… Things to Make and Do” newspaper editorial:

Why convene a school for spatial practices to act now? And how to bring it into being? If the Bauhaus as a school was able to develop a striking thesis on the position of architecture and the architect in the society of the early 20th century, Making Futures School asks: how does architecture – and the architect – act in the society of the early 21st century in an accountable way? These questions overlap with the double perspective of the School, which views architecture as a collective form and architecture as a resource, examined from the perspectives of education and (future) spatial practice.


A full PDF of the newspaper can be downloaded – containing interviews and articles with School participants, an introduction to the site-in-transformation that is Haus der Statistik, a brief history of Making Futures, programme information, site map, bios and more – here.

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Making Futures Bauhaus+ is an action research project that addresses questions of architecture as a collective form and architecture as a resource. Departing from these two perspectives, it operates as an experimental research unit that advances future paths for architectural practice and education. It was initiated in 2018 as a cooperation between raumlabor and the Berlin University of the Arts on the occasion of the Bauhaus’ centenary

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