NOT A STYLE, BUT A STANCE: text on #bauhaus in the Age of Social Media for Eye on Design

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Eye on Design, writing

I co-wrote a piece with George Kafka in light of the forthcoming Bauhaus centenary, considering the meaning of the hashtag bauhaus – which recently overtook #brutalism in terms of popularity – and what relevance the school’s original spirit (and its discontents) has in the age of social media – for Eye on Design. The full piece can be read here.

Is the Bauhaus spirit now rendered at best irrelevant, at worst completely expired? It’s tempting to say yes on both counts—and to level a large part of the blame at platforms like Instagram that often divorce content from context. But in fact, it is in precisely this arena that the Bauhaus “spirit” might arguably find the best contemporary expression and utility. When viewed as social technology rather than purely social media, the very platforms that do so much to separate ethics from aesthetics can become dispersed sites for that same collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and knowledge sharing seen among the post-33 Bauhausler diaspora.

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