WHAT IS AN EDITOR? Curating and Communicating Architecture talk series

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For us, architecture is a deeply interconnected discipline and the nodes at which it interconnects with the unexpected, with people, with “the other”, with the future, has always held great fascination for us.

Words and their context have become important again. The ability to forge a path, create a structure, share stories worth telling or give voice to people necessitates a broad and complex skill set.

You could say that editors are similar to urban planners. Someone needs to be looking at the bigger picture, to join up the dots, to make each package of information a communication. More importantly, we need editors to help create pathways: routes in and through the information multiverse for both the reader and the subject matter.

A talk written and delivered with editorial co-conspirator and &beyond colleague Sophie Lovell, followed by a conversation with architect Jürgen Mayer H about publishing and architecture as part of his Curating and Communicating Architecture talk series, at SoHo House, Berlin.

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