FROM LA TO KOLKATA, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME: text on two Art Basel Statements artists

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A text for Art Basel on two artists, Mathis Altmann and Rathin Barman, showing in the Statements section, considering their work in relation to the city, “home”, Junkspace and minor architecture:

Both artists explore these inherent tensions against the backdrop of regeneration and consumerism in Kolkata and Los Angeles – two urban centres whose boundaries are continually rendered obsolete by the processes of sprawl and migration. Conceiving his work specifically for the Statements sector, Altmann, who is represented by Freedman Fitzpatrick in Los Angeles, stages Non-Toxic  Revolution (all works 2018), while Prateek and Priyanka Raja’s Kolkata-based Experimenter gallery presents a series of works by Barman. In both projects, the architecture of the artists’ respective locations is heavily referenced, both in terms of their materiality and the imaginaries they serve.

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