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talking, Volume

As recent technological advancement became more and more pervasive and sophisticated, its consequences became more dramatically evident. In this context, design takes on a new relevance, in organizing and managing spaces, individuals, relations and ultimately societies. But if this is clear, several questions have to be answered: Who is driving it? Does spatial design currently have a say in this, and if not, how can it participate and intervene?

Launch event of V51 Augmented Technology hosted by Books People Places and Volume at Theater O-TonArt, Berlin. 

I was speaker and participant in a panel discussion with Stefan Heidenreich and Benjamin Busch, moderated by Arjen Oosterman (editor-in-chief of Volume), that interrogated the complex relation between technology and architecture, both on the level of the individual practice and the societal one. My contribution focused on language and the notion of error.

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