OUTRAGE: Potemkin buildings, developers’ hoardings and the myth of Berlin

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Architectural Review, writing

Eradication and/or resurrection of certain histories in the name of “conservation” by conservative pressure groups aside, the convincing qualities of the 1:1 approach have not gone unnoticed by other developers, especially if combined with snappy neoliberal nomenclature. And just as their conservation-focused cousins seem content to co-opt and reconfigure idealisations of what has gone before, so too are new developments turning to specious Berlin narratives to preordain not just the use of space but also perceptions centred around it.” Read online.

“Outrage” column on the worrying flattening of histories and re-appropriation of the ‘Berlin myth’ on as seen on developers’ hoardings and “fake buildings” in the city, for The Architectural Review’s November 2017 issue.

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