TOGETHER! THE NEW ARCHITECTURE OF THE COLLECTIVE Ruby Press/Vitra Design Museum exhibition and catalogue

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Ruby Press

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Picture research and editorial support for Together! The New Architecture of the Collective, Vitra Design Museum exhibition and accompanying catalogue published by Ruby Press, June 2017.

“Over the past decade we have seen a growing social movement towards collectivity, sharing, and participation. This paradigm shift in social values can be seen in architecture as well, where recent years have seen the emergence of increasingly innovative collective housing projects. Many of them have been conceived and realized in bottom-up, grassroots initiatives with the close involvement of architects. Against the backdrop of neoliberal conceptions of society, these projects show, through an ever growing array of bold architectural solutions, how we can expand our lives by sharing spaces and facilities.” (Ruby Press website)

This book was published by Ruby Press together with Vitra Design Museum in connection with the exhibition Together! The New Architecture of the Collective, which opened in June 2017 at the museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. More about the exhibition here and here.

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