STRATEGIES AGAINST ARCHITECTURE: What might anti-architecture mean in the post-industrial, digitised landscapes of 2017?

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Architectural Review

But when the institutions equivalent to those Bataille had in his sights are today ever more elusive and harder to identify via their monumentality as rendered in physical architecture, what then for anti-architecture? Arguably, the ‘souls of our societies’ are drifting into the cloud, routed in physicality via the dispersed architecture of a thousand non-distinct (and often unmapped) server farms. What could ‘collapsing architecture’ in order to platz schaffen (make space) mean for artists working at the intersection of music and architecture today?

On anti-architecture and music, with reference to strategies against architecture offered by Georges Bataille, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Holly Herndon + Mat Dryhurst, for The Architectural Review



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