THE ALCHEMY OF THE WOR(L)D: Some ideas about plausible futures in architecture publishing

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The Alchemy of the Wor(l)d: Some ideas about plausible futures in architecture publishing

“On another level, with architecture the sense of “place” is losing its priority – the “site” means something quite different now. This is also reflected in publishing: not in terms of digital vs. print – as so many, wrongly, try to simplify it – but with a much greater degree of fracturing. When we were making uncube (uncube it was not just a magazine with monthly issues, but also a network, an archive, a blog, Facebook posts, a Twitter feed, etc. as well: a publication which expressed itself on and within a myriad of platforms. How does this mirror your experience?”

We have more tools than ever before, and it’s essential to understand the qualities and characteristics of each format in order to define how to best present and distribute content. As for our own work, every book is different; from a collective publishing experience involving open source contents and/or augmented reality interactions to a whole book contained in a floppy disk.

From Architfutures Volume 1: The Museum – A field guide to communicating the future of architecture

&beyond editors Sophie Lovell & Fiona Shipwright of  talk to Archifutures publishers dpr-barcelona (César Reyes Nájera and Ethel Baraona Pohl) about digitally-mediated connectivity, complexity, survival and how to realise “the book of the now”.

With Illustrations by Janar Siniloo.

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