WATT NOW: Interview with photographer Merijn Koelink

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If orange is no longer to be the default hue of cities at night‚ is there a colour in particular which you see taking on the mantle? With us spending so much of our time now looking at blue light on phones‚ tablets etc‚ do you think is changing our relationship with this area of the colour spectrum?

I like the connection you make. The trend that I predict is that we’ll see more white tones lighting urban streets. On the edges of cities and towns and the zones between you’ll see more greenish colours. The reason I like this connection you make between white streetlights and tablets is that they use the same technology – white LEDs.” uncu.be/15045595

Interview with Dutch photographer Merijn Koelink about architecture, lighting, public space and his Most Efficient project, for uncube.

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